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David Rowell

Nursing Home Neglect Leads to Death Suit

The family of George King has sued the nursing home where he was a resident, claiming that neglect by the nursing home staff led to the victim’s death. King, who suffered from dementia, wandered…

David Rowell

Nursing Home Abuse Report Leads to Closure

Following recent reports of an increase in nursing home abuse and neglect, state and Federal agencies may be increasing their surveilance and inspection efforts. A round of such surveys by the…

David Rowell

Allegations of Nursing Home Abuse Surface in Pastor's Death

The family of Reverend Dennis Graham claims that nursing home abuse led to the minister’s death. Dennis Graham died in September 2007 and, according to his family, the cause of his death was abuse and neglect from the nursing home where he was beilng care for. Sherry Cooke, the victim’s sister, says that “what happened [to him] there was inhumane and would not be allowed to happen to animals.”…