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Ford Recalls Cars/Trucks After Deadly Fire

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Ford Motor Company last week announced the recall of 3.6 millon vehicles containing a switch which deactivates the speed control mechanism in certain Ford cars and trucks. Although Ford says the voluntary recall was because of uncertainty about “the long term durability of these switches,” an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was underway at the time of the recall and

federal investigators were continuing to observe what one safety official said were elevated levels of suspect fires in Ford vehicles that had not been the subject of a recall. Since the cruise control switch was introduced in 1992, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had documented more than 600 blazes.

This recall brings the total number of vehicles recalled over the past decade to more than 10 million — every single car and truck built with a similar cruise control switch. Although Ford denies that its switch is the cause, Ford recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit by the surviving husband of a woman who died in a fire involving a Ford trruck with this switch.